Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Po' Man's Tin Tile

Po' Man is certainly ME!

I really like the look of tin tile and wanted to try it out in my tremendously tiny kitchen... until I went to Lowe's and saw they wanted more than $20 for one square tile! So.... I found a bit of a way around it.

I knew there had to be a way to replicate tin tile with out the dramatic price. So, I went to the wallpaper section and found a really nice selection of textured wallpaper, already pre-glued and the whole role was the price of just one tile! Then, I strolled over to Home Depot, where I know they sell Martha Stewart metallic paints...

Now, my kitchen's fully messy b/c I'm painting and whatnot, so I'll only show you a bit, but isn't this nice? Oh well, it'll do for now.... 'till we tear out the wall when we remodel. ;-P This will pacify me in the meantime!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok... so, while I'm at it. I was going to wait until this was ENTIRELY done, but, well.... it may never happen. I needed a desk to fit the space of my nook... storage and whatnot. So, I drew up some plans, bought everything, hubby did some cutting and screwing, and this is what we ended up with! I love it! And the rubbed wood showing thru is INTENTIONAL! I'm still planning on building drawers for the larger cubbies and a small table that slides out for the keyboard, but other than that... It's here. I'll update this post when it's truly complete.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Dresser Redo

This dresser, to me, is like one of those~ you love it or you hate it! (I personally LOVE it!!! <- and that's what matters! ;-P ) I had alotta fun doing this one, though. I left it the old white chippy paint that was on it, painted the top and stripes, did the Japanese Cherry Blossom design (which is one of my faves~you may see more of...), and replaced the knobs. Viola! It'll do for now... Hehehe...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dresser Redo

So, I thought I'd try my hand at refurbishing some furniture. Several blogs have inspired me lately and I can't get enough! Here's what I just finished today!

This is how the dresser looked before... Sorry I took a pic after I removed some of the drawers, but you get the idea.

Well, after sanding, primer, plugging, holes, paint, sanding again, a bit of glaze, new holes drilled, and a coat of poly.... THIS is how it ended up! I think I like it pretty darn well!

I even put a liner in it... I just love this fabric pattern!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile... When I Think No One Is Looking!

Little Stinkers!

Great Grandpa Pritchard stealing the thunder of this unexpecting lady.


She's so beautiful..... My mother wasn't even thought of yet, but for some reason this photo makes me want to say, "I miss those days..."

My Great Grandfather, Hugh Pritchard.

I never got to meet him, but EVERYONE's stories of how loving, compassionate and funny he was makes me miss him and look forward to seeing him one day... right next to my Papaw, Hugh's son.

My Papaw, Elwin Archer Pritchard.

I'm not sure what to say... There's just so much! I sooooo miss him and often, when I'm visiting Mamaw, I forget that he's not there. I expect him to come walking down the hallway... I have guilt when I bring a drink into the living room or eat his favorite ice cream out of his bowl... well, not completely guilty! He was so smart and loved to tell riddles and solve old fashion puzzles. He was a huge stinker! He used to wave at us everytime we left his house through his huge picture window. Well, one day my Aunt was leaving and as he went to wave goodbye, flipped her off instead! LOL! I always wondered if that was what he really did to us...

Old Pictures.

My Mamaw and her sister and mother... and I believe the original "Radio Flyer"!

Paw Prints.

While I was working in the garden my kitty came out of nowhere and marched right up my backside to rest on my shoulder. What a weird cat! Unbenounced to me, she left her mark. Which my husband so kindly brought to my attention later.


Juneau was a mitten pawed cat that arrived one day and decided to NEVER EVER LEAVE! She was such an amazing doll that we decided to keep her.

Naughty Sophia.

My sneeky, back climber. Super funny to watch. Never thought I'd be saying that... I feel like the cat lady! Truth be told, if I knew all of my kitties would be like her, I may consider the position.

Rosco and Cletis... sigh...

Though my thoughts of throwing them out of the window has lessoned as each day passes, I really couldn't imagine my house without them.

My men.

Pic says it all... These are the best guys on the planet! Son's taking right after his papa, who (after 14 years of marriage) still opens my car door.

Not embarrassed. Mind wandering.

The best girl I've ever met! It's like I don't even want to tell you everything amazing about her bc I wanna keep her all to myself. Cliche it may sound, loving, giving of herself to the point of slaving for others, uses her brother as her puppet and best friend, funny.... she just gets it!

Make up!!!

You do mine and I'll do yours!!!! LOL!